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Submitting your sample

Fill in the online form below or give us a call and we’ll send you a bottle which you can fill from your water supply. Full details are provided with the sample kit. If you have any doubts about where to take the sample, especially if a source has not been in use for some time, please telephone us.

Our sample kit will always include a copy of our Water Sample Submission Form for you to fill out. If you prefer, you can fill out the online submission form on the website. Or print out the sample submission form and send with sample in the post. We prefer to ensure that the most appropriate information is obtained at the outset, to avoid the cost of repeat sampling. Please bring the bottle back to our laboratory within 6 hours of sampling, where possible, if you have opted for a bacteriological analysis.

We accept payments by:

Debit/credit card
BACS Transfer (Barclays Bank – Account Name: Oakwater Laboratories, Sort Code: 20-30-47, Account No: 73864758)
Cheque (Made payable to Oakwater Laboratories)
Cash (At time of submission of sample)

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